Renovation, Refurbishment and Remanufacturing
With over 10 years’ experience, Amaryllis has helped many organisations to choose to remanufacture and refurbish rather than buy new.

Quality furniture manufacturers do not design obsolescence into their products - colours and finishes just become outdated. Refurbishing, using new fabrics and finishes to rejuvenate existing furniture, is an option that should not be overlooked. Customers should consider the financial, aesthetic and environmental benefits of remanufacturing and refurbishment.

Remanufactured product can have savings of 30 - 50% over new product. In fact, refurbishing can often be achieved out of an annual expense or maintenance budget, rather than by using capital funds for new product. Even though it offers an affordable price, it does not compromise the integrity of the product or functionality.

Remanufacturing is a completely unique service - transforming a product to create a new look, shape and aesthetic. Amaryllis Environmental Services can work with a customer’s architect and designer to create the desired style.

All furniture is supplied with a comprehensive guarantee to meet relevant British Standards.
Recycling and Environmental Disposal
Upon receipt, Amaryllis will assess all furniture for its reuse potential. Where possible, we will refurbish and renovate furniture items for reuse.

Every year, Amaryllis Environmental Services donates tonnes of furniture and equipment to charitable or voluntary organisations. Here are some examples:
British Legion
Farleigh Hospice
Tendring Re-use & Employment Enterprise Project
The Heritage Foundation
We are also members of the Furniture Reuse Network and seek to find ‘new homes’ for all redundant / surplus items.

The word ‘De-manufacture’ is the process AES employs to break down furniture & equipment that is no longer fit to be re-used in its original form. De-manufacturing reduces the product into component form in preparation for our recycling of the raw materials.

Any item that is received at our processing plant that falls into the Beyond Economic Use category is placed into our De-Manufacturing programme. For example, a metal-framed desk or workstation would undergo the following process:

• All screws and fixings will be removed and reused were possible.
• Plastic components, such as cable trays, covers and risers are sent for plastic recycling.
• Electrical cable and sockets are placed into our collection receptacles ready for testing and re-use where appropriate. Those items that are not appropriate are placed into the electrical recycling bins.
• The steel or aluminium leg frames are compacted and sent for recycling.
• Wood surfaces and panels are stripped of any PVC edgings or reinforcements. The plastic is processed ready for recycling and the wood panels are sent for processing or chipped for wood fibre recycling.
General Waste - Environmental Recycling
Our specialist Waste Transfer Station is equipped to handle a wide range of general office / contract waste. We provide full traceability for environmental disposal and recycling for a comprehensive range of materials from:

• Office Developments
• Fit-Out / Shop Fittings Projects
• Care Homes
• Commercial Installations

Fluorescent Tubes – Recycling

The AES Lamplite 5 day collection and delivery service is a one-price recycling service. Amaryllis Environmental Services deliver a specially designed container for your spent fluorescent tubes and when full, you simply call us to collect.

The price includes use of the container, delivery, collection, recycling and full duty of care certification.

Approximate capacity for 1inch fluorescent tubes is 150 x 6ft or 450 x 2ft tubes. The full containers will be replaced with empty containers at time of collection.
Electrical Goods (WEEE Directive)
Amaryllis Environmental Services provides a complete electrical goods disposal management solution. This service meets the requirements of the WEEE Directive.

White Goods

End of life product is transported to our facility and will be booked in on arrival, detailed and securely logged with a copy of the Vehicle Transfer Note.

Pre-treatment commences with the removal of any component containing hazardous substances (mercury in switches, panels with flame retardant PBB's, etc). The cleaned carcass will then be sent to a WEEE treatment facility. At this stage the raw materials (recyclates) are automatically separated and stored in preparation for selling on to manufacturers who will produce a new product from this raw material.

Certificates of Conformity are issued to clients on completion of the process. Recyclates weight is available to show compliance with the WEEE Directive and Duty of Care.


We will not undertake refurbishment of refrigeration appliances nor sell your product on to another consumer.

Following the removal of specified substances, the product is TOTALLY DESTROYED and sorted with raw materials sent for recycling.

Brown Goods

Amaryllis Environmental Services manages the disposal and recycling of a large variety of electronic equipment including personal computers, printers, audio visual equipment, household appliances, telecommunication equipment, cellular phones, large electric motors and electronic systems.

IT Equipment

Amaryllis Environmental Services works with specialist IT recycling organisations to provide the most appropriate solution. This may include ‘cashback’ payments and secure destruction.

Data Destruction

Although many organisations collect redundant ICT & office equipment, our WEEE management services are focused at organisations that demand security conscientious and reliable solutions.

Conscientious disposal of hard drives can often prove expensive and time consuming. Aside from consuming internal resources, drive destruction and their subsequent disposal often require the services of 3rd party companies.

Drive destruction is not environmentally friendly as no resources are reclaimed. In order for hard drives to be reused safely, their entire content needs to be securely deleted. This deletion process is achieved by overwriting the data on the drive. The amount of overwrites per drive is dictated by the sensitivity of the original data.

The AES solution guarantees high security and full compliance with the Data Protection Act, Software Piracy Act and WEEE directive on Waste management. We supply operatives and equipment to securely wipe all hard drives on-site. Any drives that cannot be over-wiped due to physical errors or damage are placed through a NATO and SEAP approved Degausser. The Degausser has been approved by the UK Government and meets the specified requirements of SEAP (Security Equipment Assessment Panel) for the secure erasure and destruction of information and data stored on magnetic media up to TOP SECRET level.
Reuse and Recycling Programmes with Gain Share
Working with many large organisations, we can develop a company wide reuse and recycling programme. These types of solutions include a combination of our services as well as financial ‘gain share’.

Using our network of resale channels, we offer a financial gain share mechanism – operated on an ‘open book’ basis.